How to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized After Workouts

The hairs, which are not treated with relaxing, straightening and coloring treatments, are generally described as natural hair. You have to proper attention to maintain the natural sheen and attraction of hair. The improper care and lack of attention may results as dry, dull and frizzy hair.

Especially when you do workouts, the sweet can cause frizz, making your hair dry. Furthermore the heat of sun and winds also contribute in making your hair look dry. Let’s know some ways to keep the natural hair moisturized after workouts.

Hair Moisturized After Workouts

Use Water-Based Moisturizers

For conditioning the natural hair, choosing the water-based moisturizers would be a best decision. Such type of moisturizers don’t contain harsh chemical that can cause frizz. Take a water-based moisturizer and use it to massage your hair right after washing them. Most moisturizers and conditioners don’t need to be rinsed out, however you can read the directions on the package for getting best results.

Consider Butters & Oils

A best way to keep your hair well-moisturized is applying protective oil or butter. Hot oil hair treatment is very effective in this regard. Coconut oil, olive oil, almonds oil and aloe vera oil can be used for hot oil treatment. Directly massage these natural ingredients to your hair or look for the products which contain aloe vera, shea butter and essential oils.

Products for Workouts

If you are exercising outside, protect your hair by applying protectant hair spray. This spray will protect from the damaging effects of harsh sun rays. If you plan to swim in a heated pool, you can apply a heat protectant spray; it will prevent the heat from splitting and drying your hair.

Hairstyle for Workout

While doing the workouts, keep your hair away from your face to prevent exposure to excess sweat. You can pull the hair back in a ponytail. Wear a bandana around your hair if you have short hair.