How To Maintain Your Hair Color

First thing that I want you do to even before you go for your hair dye, apply lots of coconut oil in your hair and massage really well make sure that your follicles absorb all the oil and then wash it off when you are ready to go for your appointment and that will keep the damages at the edge.

How To Maintain Your Hair Color

Now when you have got your hair done you need to start looking for things that are good for your shade and I bet you would have spend handful money on that so you would love to maintain it a bit so start with the shampoo, you need to use a shampoo that is specially designed for your hair that will maintain the brightness of your color-treated hair and you can use the one you like, but for me Pravana Color Ensure Shampoo and Conditioner are the best you can try if you want to.

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If you wash your hair everyday then it will lead you to premature fading and I bet you don’t want that, if you can survive without washing your hair then it is good, otherwise try dry shampoo and I would recommend you Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo.

How To Maintain Your Hair Color-

Use a UV Protectant and that will not only keep your hair healthy and silky but it will protect your hair from sun rays and all other damages that you get from sun and that will help you get rid of all the bad impact that sun might giving you and your hair and that will keep your hair safe from fading faster and Pureology EssentialRepair ColourMax UV Hair Color Defense is great for that and it help your hair perfectly.

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If you feel that you are losing the tone and shade of your hair then you can try using some help and go to some salon or using an at-home glaze to boost vibrancy and shine which will help you get new shine and new brightens too.

When you decide you are going to get new hair color you need to be ready to pay more attention so smile and look after your hair.