How To Prevent Thinning of African-American Hair

Thinning of African-American Hair

Thinning of African-American Hair, Though the human scalp contain countless growing hair at a time, losing even a few ahead of time can be difficult. For many ethnic groups, especially African-Americans, hair happens to be a personal, cultural and social, cultural statement and therefore for them hair thinning becomes a considerably more stressful problem to manage.

Gradual thinning of hair is a normal part of the ageing process. Problem arises; however, when hair loss is sudden and the rate of hair fall is greater than the growth rate. To successfully prevent the issue, it is always important to figure out the causes of hair thinning first.How To Prevent Thinning of African-American Hair


Medical Reasons

There are many reasons that bring about hair thinning. Some of these factors that contribute to the issue include genetics, childbirth, major surgery, vitamin deficiencies, prolonged illness, poor diet, excessive weight loss, severe emotional distress and certain prescribed medications.


Ways To Prevent Thinning of African-American Hair:

Manage Your Diet Properly

Prevention of hair loss and thinning calls for some changes in your lifestyle. If you’re on diet or attempting to lose excessive weight, give it up immediately. Research has proved that hair loss may occur three- six months after losing over 15 pounds. However, this sort of hair thinning is temporary.

How To Prevent Thinning of African-American Hair

Your routine diet must include iron, B-vitamins and other protein that are essential for healthy body since healthy bodies produce healthy hair. Since hair is roughly 80-90% protein, a protein rich diet ensures growth of thick, healthy hair. Similarly, folic acid and other B-vitamins promote regeneration of the cells at the follicle level. These dietary supplements are essential for growing strong hair.

Consider Your Hairstyling ChoicesHow To Prevent Thinning of African-American Hair

Their rich culture allows Blacks to get ever-evolving hairstyles. Regrettably, the styling options African-American commonly resort to such as like chemical relaxers, thermal styling, braided hairstyle, tight weaving etc. cause hair thinning and breakage. So, Thinning of African-American Hair efforts to prevent hair-thinning ought to be focused in this area particularly because this’ where folks are best able to take practical steps to effect change.


The most common type of hair thinning in Blacks is traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is caused by wearing hair in a style that pulls on it, like ponytail, braids or cornrows etc. So, avoid wearing such styles if you actually want get a head full of thick, healthy hair.How To Prevent Thinning of African-American Hair


Regular chemical relaxing, heat styling and permanent dying can also cause irrevocable damage and breakage to the hair-fiber. Chronic breakage then leads to overall thinning of the hair. So, try to steer clear of harmful chemical treatments and cut down on heat styling as much as possible, to regain thick and strong hair and make them Thinning of African-American Hair.

See a Dermatologist

Don’t delay an appointment with your dermatologist when you begin noticing thinning. An early diagnosis will definitely help you stop hair-thinning in its tracks.How To Prevent Thinning of African-American Hair