How To Relax Your Hair

We are living in an abnormal world and we are breathing all kind of harmful and dangerous minerals and elements and we are making our body parts so stress full and today we are going to share some simple tips that you should try to relax your hair once in a blue moon.

Normally pollution and other harmful texture in the air damage your hair, we see that women cover their hair with a scarf or hat but in summer it is unbearable and that is the time you need it the most so, no matter how badly you want to get in sun shine to get some Vitamin D sun tan, you should avoid going indirect sun shine, you can enjoy it under some shade too when you can feel the warmth of sun with air protect your hair from sunshine and pollution.

How To Relax Your Hair

Climate is another very strong reason that can cause the hair to weaken and damaged, and if you are changing the climate too quickly that will literally kill your hair too, if you are in sun and then you quickly get in bath that will damage your hair follicles too and if you are swimming in open sea and you lay down on the beach without any sunshade and with all that sea salt on your body and in your hair that will be the most horrible thing that you would do to your hair, don’t do it.

relax your hair at home

Try to keep some chemical free and product free days during a week, try to cover your hair with some scarf or tie them and try don’t use any kind of chemical, product and any kind of hair equipment during those days, try to wash your hair with a mixture of three table spoon of yogurt and 5 glasses of water and see the difference.

relax your own hair home

If you don’t have to go out on weekend then try to apply some oil or some kind of healthy herbal mask in your hair on Friday and apply some healthy mask or oil on Sunday too and if you are going out and you cannot keep anything that long then you can try to keep your hear as they are naturally for a change on these days, let them breath, let them get some fresh air.

At the end, we are going to tell you few things try to maintain a routine of three day swimming in a week and join some yoga classes and attend those 5 days a week.

It’s your life get some time for you.