How to Spiral Curls With Gorgeous Look

Brought back into the trend by renowned celebs like Jessica Simpson and Shakira, spiral curls have been popping up on the red carpets recently. Oftentimes also referred to ringlet curls, these corkscrew-type curls looks extremely cool and add to your feminine charm. So, if you’re thinking of experimenting with new hairstyles, spiral curls is an ideal option to consider.

How to Spiral Curls With Gorgeous Look

If you want to transform your mane into a gorgeous mass of glossy spiral curls that flow down to your shoulders or beyond, you can either get it done from a salon or value different curling techniques like curling irons, hot rollers or bobby pins etc at home.

Curling Iron

Curling iron is the easiest and most commonly used ways to get spiral curly locks. After working a hair-protectant cream or serum through your hair wind it around the curling iron. The curling tool should be set at medium heat setting. Hold on for a while and then let the hair go. Once you’re done with entire hair, mist a curl enhancing spray allover and flaunt the desirable ringlets proudly.

How to Spiral Curls With Gorgeous Look-


For all those women out there who want to get permanently coiled hair, perming is the finest alternative. In this method, a medium-sized rod is used to perm the hair. The perming process takes a few hours to complete and its upshots last for almost 4-5 months. On the negative side, perming is too expensive and may prove very harmful for your hair’s health, so it is advisable to resort to other alternatives.

Rollers/Bobby Pins

If you don’t want to expose your hair to direct heat or going through any chemical treatment to get it curled, you can consider a safer and simpler option—Bobby pins or Rollers. The procedure of creating curls with pins or rollers is almost the same. Damp your hair first and then section it off in small parts. Thereafter, wind your strands around the roller and secure them with bobby pins. If you’re not using rollers, twirl the strands around your finger and finally fix them with pins. Leave overnight and release your hair next morning to enjoy bouncy, movable curls.