How to Style a Mini Crownac Braid

How to Style a Mini Crown Braid

Celebrities have made the hair styling bit easy for ladies to choose for themselves but much difficult to wear them as they can afford to spent a lot of time and money on the parlor for the latest hair styling under the guidance of hair specialist but Mini Crown Braid is a style which has been worn by many of the celebrities of the Hollywood and liked by them a lot.

Mini Crown Braid is quite easy to wear at home and even you can make it by yourself with little effort and most interesting thing about that is it is very impressive and can give your personality an attractive and charming look.

Mini Crown Braid style is more charming for the young girl and it will give them a bit funky look. You can get the Mini Crown Braid hair style in just few easy steps by your own. So first off all make sure that your hairs are long enough to get that hair style. First of all comb your hairs and give a wavy look to your hairs it will make you easy to start the hair style you can use a tonic lotion to make it easier.How to Style a Mini Crown Braid

Start from the hair line section (just behind the ear area) of the both side in equal form and make the braid one by one on the both side with the traditional style which is called 3-strand braid. Be care full while making the braid that your braised should be start after the one inch away from the roots that it would be easy to pulled the braid up for the real style. Tide the tale of the braid with the elastic band and do the same on the opposite side of the head.

Wrapped the both braids in the crown style on the and pin up the rest of the hairs with the loose style back comb the hair and you are ready to go in front of the people with the Mini Crown Braid hair style.