How to Style a Sweetheart Braid

How to Style a Sweetheart Braid & Easy Braid Hairstyles

Hairs is one of the most important part of the woman’s personality that is why top celebrities especially female are very conscious about their hairs and they spent a lot of money and time in the saloon for their hair treatment every month “Style a Sweetheart Braid”.

Style a Sweetheart Braid

Well, not only the celebrities but also the common women are keen for their but it is quite hard for them spend as much time and money as the celebrities spend. so here are the tips for the women that they can make hair style at their home by their own.

Now a day Braid style is getting very famous it was introduced by the African people where not only women but also men like to wear that style as per to their hair condition. Mostly the men or women who have got the curly hair like to wear the Braid style in their hairs because it made your hair more attractive than curly look. But here is a style called Sweetheart Braid style which is specially made for the ladies who have straight hairs “Style a Sweetheart Braid”.

Well, this up do is not as difficult as it s looks. It is quite easy to do even by yourself. Here are some of the tips for this cute up do. first of all you have to manage your top hair portion in the in two equally half sections and split them in two sections and make a braid of these hairs here you should be careful that the both braid should be equal in size and Once plaited, you can loop each braid and pin in place in order to make the top of your heart and at the end of that pin up the bottom of both braids to make a narrow point “Style a Sweetheart Braid”.

If you have got long braid then give it fold to give it a real attractive look, so now you are ready to win the heart of your love one.