How to Turn Wild Curly Hair into Cute Curls

Your hair definitely plays a significant role in giving you a beautiful and glamorous look, so you can’t ignore them while getting preparations for any special event.

How to Turn Wild Curly Hair into Cute Curls

The females with straight or cute curly hair have a number of options to style their hair. But the women, who have wild curly hair, find it difficult to manage their hair and wear them in a presentable look. They spend a heavy amount of their budget at the hair dressing salon to turn the wild curly hair into cute curls.

How to Turn Wild Curly Hair into Cute Curls-

If you also are worried due to wild curly hair, don’t waste your hard-earned money to acquire the services of hair salons. Just try following easy techniques to convert your wild curly hair into cute, lovely curls.

How to Turn Wild Curly Hair into Cute Curls-0

• Washing your hair on regular basis is the initial step to keep your curly hair manageable and beautiful. Wash then at least 2-3 times a week using a good quality, mild shampoo. Never forget applying a hair conditioner just after washing the hair. Markets are flooded with the hair conditioners manufactured by different companies. You can select any one that is suitable for your hair type. Remove the tangles and knots of hair using a wide-tooth comb when conditioner is still the hair.

• After washing your hair thoroughly and applying the conditioner, wrap a clean and dry towel around your hair for about ten minutes. By this process, the excess water from your hair would be absorbed by towel.

• Then apply a little amount of leave in conditioner, anti-frizz serum, curling moose and styling gel to your hair. Now braid your hair tightly and give them little time to fairly dry.

• After making it sure that your hairs are fairly dry, fade away the remaining moisture with the help of hair dryer without removing the braids. Always use the hair dryer, keeping it as far away from the hair as possible as the heat emitted by the hair dryers can damage your hair.

• Wait for another 10-15 minutes and then take the braid out. Now, go in front of the mirror and have a look at yourself, you will see stylish and cute curly hair instead of a wild mess.