How To Use Heated Rollers Safely

If you think that applying hot or heated rollers are not good for your hair then you are wrong, you can actually get beautiful thick and healthy looking hair in one day and you can create lift and volume in your hair with just a bit technique and a bit of practice.

How To Use Heated Rollers Safely

You can use many style and variable heat settings with your rollers and you can use fine and delicate to thick and hard to style your hair and today we are going to help you to learn how to use Heated Rollers and for that you need to plug in, turn on and set to required heat before you do anything at all, you have to preheat your hot rollers and that will give you the right touch and the right look, but never ever forget to leave the lid open whilst heating or you will end up with messed rollers and melted lid, LOL.

How To Use Heated Rollers Safely-

Now we will start and you must wash your hair first, you need clean and dry hair or slightly moisturizer, now you need to apply some heat resistance product on your hair and then you are ready for start and start with combing your hair and then section your hair using clips into seven or more parts, but you need to make sure that they are fully clipped and managed, now pick the section you are going to roll over your roller and comb it well and then place the ends of the hair on the roller and wind up towards the scalp and that is the key of perfect style, you need to be really careful and smart and apply each and every hair of your around the roller and keep doing that till you done with all of the hair sections.

When you are done spray some good hair spray on your hair and now you need to give it the required time and then remove the rollers and set your hair with your hands.