Kate Mara Tie-Dye Hairstyles in Los Angeles on Red Carpet

Kate Mara Tie-Dye Hairstyles

Kate Mara was in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 10 for the premiere of her next film Transcendence where she starred with Johnny Depp.

Kate Mara Tie-Dye Hairstyles

Kate Mara Tie-Dye Hairstyles

Kate Mara is not her first red carpet! While she was spotted in 2005 in Brokeback Mountain, she made a little mention before returning to force the series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, a real card which even attracted Barack Obama!

Building on this success, Kate Mara now shares Poster Johnny Depp. It was also the first of their film, Transcendence Thursday, April 10 at Westwood, a suburb of Los Angles. For the occasion, Kate Mara had drawn a signed Valentino, all sparkly and embroidered with sequins short dress.

However, one thing does not change with Kate Mara: her mischievous air, gave him a false air of Victora Beckham! Tight-lipped, discreet smile, piercing eyes, the actress 31 years continues to seduce playing the mysterious girls. The proof: she shoots planned until 2017, including Fantastic Four 3!

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Kate Mara Tie-Dye Hairstyles Kate Mara Tie-Dye Hairstyles-