Khloe Kardashian Long and sliky Hairstyle

Khloe Kardashian is the sister of the Kim Kardashian. She is looking young but she is becoming fat after the marriage. Khloe Kardashian is looking very gorgeous in the long and straight hairstyle.

She is looking very beautiful when she is wearing the slight silky and long hairstyle

She do different art with her hairs. She looking very beautiful when she is wearing the slight silky and long hairstyle. She looks gentle and bold. She parted her hairs at the front side of the her head and some hairs are used to making the bun and slight making puff at the upper side of the head. She is looking younger and younger when she is adopted the curling locks at her head.

She looks very beautiful when she parted her hairs at the center and her hairs are fallen down at the shoulder. Because she is looking gorgeous when she combed well at the center. Falling streams of hairs are looking gorgeous and beautiful.

Khloe Kardashian Long hair style looks brilliant. Khloe has her hair color pale and light brown from the tip side and from the skull side it’s color is dark brown. This long style makes the glamour for her. Her dark roots of her hair gradually fade and its tips having lighter shade from the roots. Her hair provides the caramel shade. She combed her hairs from the middle of her head. There are present some loose and long layers too which attract the attention of the viewers.