Long Hairstyle for Round Face Best Hairstyle for 2017

Long Hairstyle for Round Face

Long Hairstyle for Round Face Best Hairstyle for 2017; Round is arguably the most popular face shape among women not only it looks super attractive but also offers you the plus to sock any hairstyle of your choice. However you are always required to make it sure that you are not settling on something that enhances your weak features. Being a round-faced lady you should go for a style that tends to make your face look longer.Long Hairstyle for Round Face

Long Hairstyle for Round Face

Long hairstyle is just perfect for round face as they create illusion of long length. To ease your struggle we have collected some interesting long hairstyle for round face to make you look more charming and beautiful.

Long Layers with Bangs:Long Layers with Bangs

Cute and stylish long hair featuring bangs look fabulous on round face. Think about getting layers for a more defined look.

Cute Ponytail:Cute Ponytail

This is a robust and easy to make hair do that is just perfect when you are short in time. Give this simple do a stylish touch by teaming if up with side-swept front bangs.

Soft Waves:Soft Waves

Soft and wavy hairstyle is best for those featuring broader cheeks. These trendy waves will hide the cheeks making your plump face shimmer.

Half up Do:Half up Do

A voluminous half up do is yet another variation of long hairstyle for long face. A proficiently styled half up do will ad volume as well as length to your chubby face. Bangs ones again, will add statement to the style.

Fashion Braid:Fashion Braid

A blend of French and simple braid teamed with curls is a perfect do to sport on wedding. The style work best on dry hair.

Top Hair Bun:Top Hair Bun

Bun is also among the most loved long hairstyles for round face thanks to its tendency to give your face an elongated appearance in minutes. It adds volume at the tiara and thus takes the attention off your wider face. The universal assistor, side swept Bangs, here again will play role to elongate your facial structure.