Make Your Hair Grow Faster

I belong to a family that has genetically very strong and healthy hair and we never saw anyone complaining about hair, nail issues in my family, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t look after our hair and we don’t do anything to get even more smoother and healthier hair and I am going to share some very simple and practical tips with you which will not only help you get longer healthier hair, but you will see that it will increase the growth and volume of your hair too.

Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Although my family use it cause they say our grandmas using these things for hair growth, but I use these things when I found out what are the main reasons of using these things to grow hair stronger and healthier and I am giving you some very authentic tips for that too.

We all know that if you want healthy hair then you got to provide right amount of Protein to your body and to your hair and you can do that with right amount of healthy foods and dairy products, now if you see that milk and yogurt is very good cause they are loaded with proteins so you can make your hair get healthier and stronger by eating lots of yogurt and milk and the best thing about these things is you can try that in your hair mask too, massage your hair with yogurt and mustard oil for best result and that will not only help your hair growth, but it will solve your dryness too and it will solve your other scalp and hair issues too.

If you think that proteins is good for your hair then try egg for the same reason and same benefits and you will get healthy shiny thick hair and it will make your hair grow faster too, if you add some essential oil in that too then it will solve your split ends and damaged hair too.

Protect your hair from dust, dirt and the sun when you step out during the summer and try some hair scrubbing three time a week too and try some good scrubbers for that or you can try my idea of scrubbing your scalp too, take three tablespoons of red lentil and grind it and soak it in milk over night and then scrub your scalp with that in the morning and let it in your hair for 20 minutes and then wash it off with any mild shampoo.

Eat healthy and drink lots of water.