Maria Sherapova Gorgeous in Silky Hairstyle

Maria Sherapova Gorgeous in Silky Hairstyle

Maria Sherapova Gorgeous in Silky Hairstyle, Maria Sherapova is adopted the hairs style which is very cool and very beautiful. She changed her hairs with the passage of time and she adopted various hairs but she mostly adopted the silky and strraight hairs which looks very gorgeous and cool on her.

Gorgeous in Silky Hairstyle

Maria looks gorgeous in the silky hair style

Maria sherapova is basically the tennis star and she looks very good with her hairs. Going for a ponytail but, not one of her usual sporty on-court looks, this one is sleek and groomed. Gorgeous in silky hairstyle for this look apply a little voluminous mousse around the hair line and into the roots at the very top of the head.

Sherapova silky and curling updo hair style

Blow-dry using a round brush to give height at the hairline, straighten out the lengths and add a touch of bounce at the bottom.Smooth the hair back, keeping the sides flat but still with volume at the top.  Secure into a ponytail, gorgeous in silky hairstyle.

Sherapowa looks good

Finish the look with a touch of smoothing balm over the sides of the head to remove and frizz or fly-away hairs. Her hairs are adopted by the various girls and she looks good in that particular gorgeous in silky hairstyle.