Master the Zigzag Snake Braid with These Easy Steps

Braids are intricate structures created by sparingly interweaving multiple strands of a loose and flexible material like human hair. Braided hairstyles are one of the most popular and prevailing hairstyles for women which never manage to lose popularity among the masses. They can be the best solution to a bad hair day since they keep the hair compact and help taming the frizz.

Master the Zigzag Snake Braid with These Easy Steps

There are countless variations of braids and snake braid is one of the most complex versions of braid. Creating the snake braid is not a piece of cake. However, it can be got hang of easily; all what needed is a few tricks and techniques plus a tad of practice.

The steps to follow to create a perfect snake braid are given below; check out and master this stunning braided hairdo in a few attempts.

Step I

To begin with, part the hair down the middle of your head and then pick a tiny piece of hair about the size of 2-3 inches from the right side near the hairline. You may also want to grab a bigger chunk as per your own liking but it’s worth remembering that the smaller strand you’ll take the better snake braids you’ll achieve.

Step II

Split the hair piece you’ve grabbed into three equal sections and create the traditional three strand braid all the way down to the bottom, making it sure that your braid is neither too loose not too tight.

Step III

Once you’ve reached the point where you ca comfortably end, hold the middle section in one hand and the rest two sections in the other combining them together. Holding the central strand firmly at the bottom gently push the side strands up to the top of the head in a way that they are bunched up.

Step IV

Next starting from the top, pull the strands down altogether steadily. The zigzag snake like pattern will start appearing here. As soon as the pattern ends, secure it with an elastic band and you’re done.