Medium Short Haircuts To Befit Your Personality

Medium Short Haircuts To Befit Your Personality

Sporting your hair in medium-short hairstyles is an excellent way to bring out you beautiful features. Some women like to chop their hair too short or grow them extra long, while other always try to find anything in-between-neither too short nor extra long. If it is like you, you can go for peppy, medium-short hairstyles.

Medium Short Haircuts To Befit Your Personality

Referred below are three outstanding medium length hairstyle ideas for you.

Long Bob

Also called “lob” oftentimes, long bob is nothing but a medium length hairstyle that comes down to the shoulders. A lob looks incredibly fabulous when left messy with minimal use of styling products. Snipped with long layers, generally starting from the jawline all the way up to the shoulder, long bob hairstyle can be an worth-considering option if your are thinking about getting a medium-short haircut.

Long Shag

Shag is another blunt yet stylish medium-short hairstyle that comes down to the neck, where the hair is cut into short fringes with a razor. After getting the right cut, styling long shag is a cinch. You’ve just got to spray your hair with a light-hold spray and then pull them down by running your fingers into it, combing the tresses at the nape and neck area out to make the razored ends stand out and deliver more stylish look.

Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob wherein the hair at one side of the head is kept a bit longer than the other side is an uncommon and edgy hairstyle. It is also one of the great hairstyle alternatives for those who long for a medium-short super-chic hairdo. Styling the asymmetrical bob is also as easy as the other two hairstyles on the list are.
You can enhance your asymmetrical bob by adding highlights to the longer fringes of hair with a vibrant color.