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Michelle Obama’s New Blunt Bob Hairstyle for 2013

Being a common man is a easy thing like your can wear anything you can go anywhere without any hesitation and there are a lot of the things which you can do with any interference of any one but when you become a celebrity your life is not your any more as your have to think about the people’s view about you in almost all the concerns of your life. Celebrities known that their every inch is being captured by the camera any time so they have to be conscious for everything and most conscious about their personalities. Michelle Obama in known as one of the high profile celebrity not only of USA (United State of America) but also around the world. S she have to be conscious about everything.

Michelle Obama's New Blunt Bob Hairstyle for 2013

48-year old First Lady Michelle Obama is very keen toward her personality as she is the is the wife of the 44th and incumbent President of the United States, Barack Obama. She has got the media’s eye on her self by having a new updo on her hairs which has been reported by the office. Michelle Obama has got the new blunt bob, with heavy bangs on her head to make her self up to date with the fashion of 2013. She knows very well that how she can maintain her personality in the perfect manners. The picture which has been revealed by the Daily Mail and stated with that, “the 49-year-old showed off her new hairstyle, reminiscent of Katie Holmes’ chop in 2008, when she met with Inaugural citizen co-chair David Hall earlier today.”

Michelle Obama's New Blunt Bob Hairstyle for 2013

Right from the first time when she appeared on the media in 2008 when she made her entry into the White House we have seen her with same style of shoulder length hair but new look has just transformed her personality in the sophisticated ways. Famous newspaper Daily Mail has stated that, “So far the response to Mrs Obama’s new do’ has been positive, with thousands of Twitter users agreeing in unison that they ‘love’ her new bangs.”