Modern Teen Hairstyles From The 80s

Modern Teen Hairstyles From The 80s – Today we will talk about some of the new trendy fashionable hairstyles that was famous in the time of 80s and now they are getting back in the fashion.

Modern Teen Hairstyles From The 80s

Big Hair, if you are forgetting that time when big hair and big bangs were so much in the fashion then let me tell you that it was the time when Jackson’s ruled the industry and now they are all back no more Sleek, smooth straight hair for them they are adding the texture and volume by perming, teasing or curling the hair and be honest some of them look good too.

Side Ponytail, there was a time when every girl was walking around with a side ponytail, I hope you are not forgetting all those famous character of that age and now the seems to coming back cause girls are loving that side kick once again, high ponytail over one ear or low ponytail near your neck and simply look awesome.

Punk was a trademark of that time, literally. You can get this look in so many ways with spikes, streaks of bright color, many ways of hairstyling gel or mousse. And if you are too bold or too brave then try mohawk , and you can get this by shaving the both sides and middle section of hair left long and spiked straight up and be honest it look so good with different body jewelries.

Asymmetrical, another stylish but freakish look can be create by making one side shaved and other half with long hair and you can try colors and shimmery things on the side where you don’t have hair;)
French Braid was another very trendy and stylish hairstyle of 80s, you can make your own French braid but if you cannot then find someone who could do that for you…