Most Trendier & Mesmerizing Hairstyles of 2013

Most Trendier & Mesmerizing Hairstyles of 2013

By hook or by crook none of us can be always happy with just one and perhaps that is the reason why trendsetters come up with something mind blowing every year. If we speak of hairstyles, some of the styles which grab our attention this year are given below.

Trendier & Mesmerizing Hairstyles

Mesmerizing Hairstyles
Mesmerizing Hairstyles

Loose Waves:

Loose waves never manage to go out of fashion and like every year it had been a hot trend this year too. You can effortlessly get this easy to create and manage hairstyle in three simple steps, Trendier & Mesmerizing Hairstyles

Styling Tips:

  • Part your hair in the middle or at the side and add waves with a large-barrel curler for 10 seconds.
  • Loosen the curls by pulling their ends and then run your fingers in your hair slightly to separate the curls.
  • Finally mist a strong-hold hairspray allover to keep the waves in place for longer span of time.

Boy Curls:

Brought into trend by renowned Hollywood celebs Mila Jovovich and Penelope Cruz, boy curls is another eye-catching hairstyle that looks equally well on short as well as long hair. To get the look. Trendier & Mesmerizing Hairstyles

Styling Tips:

  • Spritz your hair with generous amount of hairspray and curl it up quickly with small-barrel curler for 20 seconds or so.
  • If your hair is short, make sure to brush until the curls set well.

Bouffant Twist:

Another sleek yet elegant hairstyle that manages to make you look and feel like a Victorian queen is Bouffant Twist. Check out the style worn by Princess Charlene.

Styling Tips:

Styling the bouffant twist doesn’t involve any intricate steps. It’s simple enough to be created in three steps/Trendier & Mesmerizing Hairstyles.

  • Comb your hair full.
  • Grab sections from the frontal top and comb with a fine comb in the opposite direction of growth sporadically misting strong-hold spray.
  • Now take the tuft back and tie with rest of the hair into a high ponytail. You may also want to roll the ponytail into a bun for even elegant look.
    Other red carpet hairstyles of this year also include Sleek bobs and high ponytails, Classic chignon and Horizontal asymmetrical bangs.