Natural Hair Accessories to Personalize Your Style

Enhancing the hair with many different hair accessories gives a personalized look to your hairstyle. From fancy bows to a more subtle headbands and clips, there is a wide assortment of hair accessories available in the market. Apart from these man-made embellishments, there are several natural accessories too that can be used to give an instant update to your do’.

Natural Hair Accessories to Personalize Your Style

Shells – Seashells have been put to use in a number of ways and one of these ways is utilizing them as hair accessory. There is no way to use these shells directly on the hair however; they are rather used to enhance several hair accessories such as hair clips. Seashell hair clips offer an incredible look to your hair regardless of its type and texture. Clips enhanced with pure white shells look amazing on shiny black locks.

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Flowers – This is arguably the most commonly used natural hair accessory. Whether used as strings or as single blooms, flowers give an adorable update to your hairstyle. Floral bridal hairstyles are adored and adopted by the brides-to-be all around the world.

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Feathers – Another wonderful natural hair accessory is feathers. Accessorizing-feathers are available in a variety of colors, textures, lengths and widths so as to accommodate a range of lengths, thickness and personal styles.

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Sticks – Sticks of different trees can also be used as hair accessories. This is a versatile accessory that can be used to adorn thick, thin, silky, delicate or any sort of hair. Based on the thickness of your tresses, you can find sticks of different widths in the market. These sticks can be used as it is or can be painted in different colors to add extra zing to them.

Stones – And last but certainly not the least, stones. Available in many different colors, these stones can be arranged in a headband to enhance its appeal or can be put together on a clip to make it a bit more interesting and mesmerizing.