Natural Hair Care Products

Natural Hair Care Products for your Healthy Beauty Hair
Natural Hair Care Products for your Healthy Beauty Hair

One can easily make natural hair care products with the help of everyday use kitchen items. They are cheap and don’t have any sort of side effects since they are prepared using purely natural ingredients.

Hair Rinse That Enhances Shine and Volume of Hair

Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in two cups of tepid water and stir well. Just after shampooing the hairs rinse the hair with this solution. Pour the solution over the hair twice or thrice in a row. Along with adding softness and shine to the hair this rinse will also refurbish the innate balance of the hair. Thin hairs are more benefited with the hair strengthening property of this solution.

Cleansing Rinse

The residue of shampoo encumbers the hair making them dull and inert. Cleansing rinse adds shine to the hair and brings them back to life by excellently removing this residue. Mix 1 cup vinegar and two tablespoons of dried rosemary together in a glass bowl and then place the mixture into the microwave oven for 1.5 minutes. Then after, release the scent from the mixture by crushing the rosemary with the help of a spoon and strain it. Allow the mixture to cool down and after it cools down dab it on the freshly shampooed hair. Hold it for two minutes and then swab with cool water.


Combine four tablespoons of plain yogurt and one egg and stir well to prepare a mixture. Just after washing the hair massage this yogurt-egg mixture on the entire curls. Keep the regime on for five to ten minutes and then wash out well using plenty of cool water. It is an ideal natural hair care product that softens the dry hair and prevents frizzies and fly-aways.

Oily Hair Treatment

Massage grated watermelon or cucumber in hair just after shampooing them; wait for 15 minutes and then wash out thoroughly.

Dry Hair Treatment

Mash some avocados and massage the hair with the mashed avocado just after taking hair wash; hold it on for fifteen minutes and then rinse with water.

Normal Hair Treatment

Mash 2-3 peaches to get a paste. Damp the hair and give them massage of this peach paste for 15 minutes and then rinse the hair with plain water.