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Natural Hair Color Trend Of Hair Dye

The trend of hair dye is very common today. Usually people dye their hair either for getting a different look or to camouflage discolored hair. However, majority people don’t like the chemical used in the industrially manufactured hair dyes. They, therefore, look for natural alternatives of these synthetic and chemical based hair colors universally available.

Natural Hair Color Trend Of Hair Dye
Natural Hair Color Trend Of Hair Dye

One of the most well-known natural hair dyes is Henna. Henna is actually a pigment derived from a shrub usually found in the dry, barren regions of Africa. When the shrub turns out to be fully dry, it is grounded to fine powder and used to color the hair and skin. When used alone, it dyes the hair in red color.

It can also be utilized combined with other sort of natural, plant and vegetable derived constituents to get different beautiful colors.

Henna as well as the other natural hair colors don’t contain abrasive chemicals that use to be the major components of commercially produced hair colors. These abrasive chemicals wreak havoc to your hair.

While buying henna or any other plant-based hair color, be sure that you are not picking an impure product as brand are there which sale tainted hair coloring products claiming that these are 100% pure and natural. Find any reputable brand by focusing on the opinion of impartial parties about them and stay stick to it for purchasing hair products.

Some people who love to have black, light brown or darker brunette hair use the mixture of henna and indigo. Indigo is very intensely tinted blue plant. When combined with henna, it produces lovely hues of color for those having darker hair.

Some other natural hair color options are various types of tea. Both, tea and coffee can dye the hair in deeper shades when they are intense enough. If you are scared of using homemade natural hair dyes, you can go for pre-assembled natural hair dye kits offered as well.