Natural Remedies Make Your Hair Thicker

Natural Remedies Make Your Hair Thicker

Fuller and thicker hair fascinates everyone including both men as well as women. The desire of getting thick hair provokes the thin-haired people to use different hair care and styling products.

Natural Remedies Make Your Hair Thicker
Natural Remedies Make Your Hair Thicker

Though, these products and styling techniques work but they also wreak havoc on your lock altogether. So, the biggest favor you can do to your locks is to treat them with natural ingredients which offer them the desired strength and thickness without any damage. Some effective thicker hair natural remedies are here;

Flax Seed

Dip flax seed water for five days and then apply the potion directly over your scalp with the help of a cotton ball.


Rubbing onions over the scalp improves the circulation to the scalp and thus helps promoting the growth of strong, healthy hair.

Aloe Vera

Take out gel from a few leaves of aloe Vera gel and mix it with a glass of brandy and an egg. Apply the resultant blend onto your scalp every 15 days.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Dilute apple cider vinegar in hot water and use this potion as a final rinse after washing the hair as usual.

Lavender Oil

Massage your scalp with any lavender oil to give added boost to the growth of healthy hair.

Daily Shampooing

Untidiness can lead your hair to look flat, stringy and matted down. So, be sure keeping it tidy if you want it to look thicker and healthy.


The benefits of egg for your hair are just matchless. Besides giving shine, softness and strength to your hair, egg also promotes the growth of healthy hair. Simply massage your hair with an egg for five minutes just before getting shampoo bath. Be sure rinsing the hair thoroughly after this treatment.


Take the food rich in vitamins and minerals that are inevitable for the growth of healthy and shiny hair. Sufficient intake of Vitamin B, C and biotin boosts hair growth to a remarkable extant.

Neck Massages

Neck massage promotes circulation to scalp. The decent blood flow in its turn stimulates the growth of healthy hair.