Natural Treatments to Tame Frizzy Mane

No matter how much expensive and adorable dress you’re dressed up in or how professionally your makeup is done, if your hair is frizzy, it’s just enough to ruin your personality. Therefore, it’s very important to tame those unruly strands in order to keep all your efforts from going in vein. Here are some natural remedies that might be helpful in taming the frizzy mane thus get you the desired seamless look.

Natural Treatments to Tame Frizzy Mane

When you have frizzy hair, it’s always necessary to avoid exposing it to the heat for drying. It will do nothing but adding to the frizz and tangles. So, whenever you wash your hair, allow it dry on its own. And, in case blow-drying is unavoidable, use cold blast not hot.

Brushing the wet hair is a loud no for frizzy hair. As a professional stylist, I always recommend my clients to develop the habit of teasing their hair before stepping into the bath tub for shampooing their hair. This ways you hair won’t be much kinky and you won’t have to brush it right after shampooing.

You may also resort to some simple home treatments to tame your unruly lock. Olive oil is found to be very effective in this regard. Heat some olive oil up slightly and work it gently down the length of your hair. Hold on for a few hours and then rinse away.

Application of whisked egg yolk also proves extremely helpful in taming the frizz. Moreover, owing to being naturally packed with protein, egg yolk will also leave your tresses well-nourishes, shiny and strong.

Beer is another recognized remedy for combating several hair related issues including frizzy hair. You just have to apply beer onto your freshly rinsed, damp hair and let it dry out fully. Don’t rinse your hair afterwards. The unpleasing smell of beer can at-times be annoying, but don’t worry it will go away soon after application.