Natural Way to Remove Hair

no matter how hard you try to look good and flawless but if you have hair, thin or think, on your face and you are not even bothering to make them look invisible, you would look a bit odd and it shows, you cannot hide then, no matter what you use, they will mange to get a look in your picture or in live chatting with someone, you would see them watching around your cheeks and under your chin and that is one of the most horrible and embarrassing situation so if you don’t want to feel that horrible beauty fail then try these tips to get rid of these hair.

Natural Way to Remove Hair

First of all you need to see what are the root cause of these facial hair, cause these are not natural and there have to be some explanation of these hair, sometimes some hormonal disturbance cause these facial hair and sometime use of some medications or some medicines and if the reason is medical related then you should check your doc first and see if he can handle it or not, Hair growth is directly related to estrogen levels, hormones and ancestry and if your systems are working fine then you need some medical help now there are some homemade tips for you to get rid of these hair.

If you have hair somewhere over your body then try to remove them with shave or wax and if you rub the wet title of alum and that will not only reduce the growth rate, but it will keep your skin clean, germs free and stop any kind of bacterial infection and you would get smooth and healthy hair less face
Now we are going to talk about some tips to remove hair naturally.

Use a thick mask of turmeric and gram flour with a small amount of water and then apply that over your face and let it get dry by itself and after that scrub it off and you will see that if you keep doing that you will not only start looking fair and beautiful, but you will see your facial hair go automatically
Make another mask with turmeric, gram flour and a thick yogurt and apply that over your face and when it get dried rub it off and you will see your facial hair will come out with this mask and if you keep doing the same everyday then this will not only make your face smooth and healthy, but it will reduce the growth of facial hair too.

If you make a routine of washing your face with gram flour three times a day then you would not only get clean skin and a blackhead removed skin but you will get a hair less face too
If you think that turmeric and gram flour is good for you then try gram flour turmeric with fresh cream for dry skin and it will not only make your face smooth and hair free, but it will help your dryness too and you will see that your skin will start producing natural oil automatically.

If you feel that scrubbing off all these masks are painful and you don’t want to do that then try Lemon, lime is a natural bleach and if you apply lime juice over your face every day and you will start noticing a visible change. And this will not only help with your facial hair, but it will also help your scars and pimples too.

If you are trying to reduce hair from your body then try to rub soap and pumpkin stones very gently and keep doing that every day and soon you will see that hair over your legs and arms would start reducing the growth and quantity.

If you planning to remove these hair with wax then here is a recipe of herbal wax and you just need to mix lemon, sugar, and honey in and cook them in a steal bowl and use this thick transparent golden wax and this will help your facial hair and it will help your scars too and cause it is herbal and has no side effects then you can use this whenever you want.