Naturally Hair Loss Treatment

My mother was one of the all time best looking and best human being I have ever seen and she never used a single ready to use things on her body, she even used to make shampoo by her own hands and when I suffered with some hair issues then she was the one who forbidden me to get some medical and pro help and then she used some homemade tricks and since then I never get any hair issues and I am one of those who color their hair every week and still I have beautiful and healthy hair (touch the wood), even though I use harsh chemicals on my hairy.

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Today I am going to give the secret of my family and I am doing that to spread the healthy benefits my grand ma found in these three simple and natural things that are not only very good for hair, but actually treat alopecia too:) These three magical things are onion, garlic, and ginger, I bet you would be shocked with that and you would have never thought that you could actually use these things to get beautiful hair, but actually you can.

Onion, garlic and ginger are all root veggies and they are loaded with the minerals and healthy Vitamins and they are the best source of nutrients and fatty acids that we need to boosts hair growth, nurtures and strengthens them and they are natural so they are completely harmless and healthy and you hardly get any side effect with these.

hair loss products-

Now I am sharing the way I use these things, you can try that or you can pick the one you like.

I just grind all of them in same quantity and squeeze all the juice from the mixture and apply that all over the scalp and then rub a little on the scalp to absorb it in the hair and then leave it in your hair for 20 -60 minutes, it is up to you, it does not harm and then wash it off with worm water and some fragrant shampoo and you will see the result in three- four weeks, but I am sure that it will actually help you get beautiful hair and scalp too.

Best of luck.