Nicole Kidman Short and Curly Locks

Nicole Kidman Short and Curly Locks

 Nicole Kidman Short and Curly is still very beautiful as beautiful in early 80s. She looks still younger and very gorgeous. She has hair curling and shoulder length hair style.

Nicole Kidman Short and Curly LocksNicole Kidman was very stunning at the Rome Film Festival on October 13th. She looks very younger and very sensational. She is wearing a short hairstyle with the flavor of the early 60s. Basically she is the Australian actress and the Australian Actress showed much shine and charm in the eternal city.

Nicole Kidman Short and Curly LocksShe gathers her sides and back hair and make a very high ponytail, she binned with elastic but wrap strand of own hair around the base and pin down.Then is  Loose her rear crown area with pick to create more volume. It also provide the strengthen to the hairs and she looks wonderful. It also provides the  helps to tease this section before binding the tail.

Nicole Kidman Short and Curly LocksShe is crazy about her hairs and with her curling iron hair she turns the hair back into a cascade of curls. Also add some rounding touches to long tendrils in front, but leave bangs straight. Just style those in a large curve and tug behind ears.

Nicole Kidman Short and Curly LocksShe combed well and parted at the center of the head. Because she has the curling and very impressive hair style that’s why she wears it very small. But its looks very gorgeous and very stunning on her. Nicole Kidman is very familiar among the people of the world and her hairs are too.

Nicole Kidman Short and Curly LocksTo follow how she adopted and makes the style of the hairs, just read this descriptions which is present as under.

  • Take a one-inch section of dry hair with styling spray, and wrap around a medium curling iron.
  • Hold in place for a few seconds to set, and then release.
  • Repeat, until all hair is curled.
  • Moves your fingers through hair to break up the curls.
  •  Leave a few dangling bits out in front and sweep your length loosely back, twisting a couple of times before securing to the back of your head with pins.
  •  Lock in the style by misting it all over with hairspray.

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