Oily Scalp Causes and Cures

Oily scalp can be a biggest issue of concern for the women, especially for those who use to be very conscious about their outer appearance. It makes your hair look unclean, sticky and greasy even after a thorough wash and in some cases the condition also drives your scalp to develop other conditions too.

Oily Scalp Causes and Cures

However, it’s quite easy to control the issue provided that you know it underlying cause and some helpful ways to treat it.

Using wrong shampoo

Picking off the right shampoo keeping your hair type and texture in mind is very important for maintaining healthy hair and scalp. Managing to settle on an erroneous shampoo that is too harsh or too mild may lead your scalp to become excessively oily. An excessively abrasive shampoo strips your scalp of all the essential oils, triggering the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Too mild shampoo, on the other hand, usually fails to remove impurities and excess oil from the hair, leaving it greasy and sticky after washing. So, while buying shampoo for your hair look for the ingredients like salicylic acid. This will remove the extra oil from your tresses.


The behavior of your hair is also widely affected by the climate you’re living in. High levels of heat or humidity in the air cause your scalp to sweat more and hence produce more oil. The oil-producing glands open wider and secrete abnormal amounts of oil. However, the issue can be prevented and cured by frequent washing. You may also want to get your scalp a tea-tree-oil massage just before shampooing to improve its conditions quickly.

Hair texture and volume

Those with straight, thicker locks are more likely to experience this scalp condition than curly and thin-haired ones. The reason being, the oil tends to grip more onto smooth, flat hair than curly and wavy one. To prevent the issue, you must wash your hair thoroughly by rubbing the shampoo gently onto the scalp. Rinse off finally with plenty of plain water.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is another common cause of oily scalp. This imbalance can b brough about by a number of factors such as stress, certain medications, puberty, menopause, pregnancy, puberty or aging. So, if you begin experiencing oily scalp without any obvious reason, visit a dermatologist or seek professional advice as soon as possible.