Onion Masks for Beautiful Hair

Preparing a homemade hair mask is an inexpensive and best alternate of luxury and exclusive hair spa treatments. Egg yolk, yogurt, banana, honey, avocado, mayonnaise and other several food items are widely used to make hair masks.

Onion Masks for Beautiful Hair

These natural hair masks renew hair growth in addition to preventing hair fall and providing an attractive sheen to your hair. Onion hair mask is also one of such hair masks. Scroll down to read whole procedure for making onion hair mask at home.

Onion Hair Mask Recipes

Onion Hair Mask Recipe #1

Take an onion and obtain its juice. For this, cut an onion into small pieces and blend it very well. Now, strain the blended mixture using a sieve cloth to get onion juice. After obtaining the onion juice, take olive oil in the equal quantity of onion juice and combine both ingredients properly. You can also replace olive oil with coconut oil, if your hair are extra dry. Apply this combination through your hair from roots to ends. Wear a shower cap to cover your head and leave it for about two hours. After the recommended time period, wash your hair with regular shampoo. Use the shampoo twice to avoid the stickiness of hair.

Onion Hair Mask Recipe #2

Obtain the juice of three onions using the above mentioned procedure. Now take some alum and crush them very well. Mix the crushed alum and onion juice thoroughly. A wonderful onion hair mask is ready; apply it to your scalp with the help of a cotton pad. Comb your hair in order to spread the mask till ends. Then, wrap a towel around your head and leave it overnight. Next morning, rinse your hair using hot water.

Onion Hair Mask Recipe #3

Another most effective onion hair mask can be prepared by combining one teaspoon of sugar, three teaspoons of onion juice, two or three teaspoons of any alcoholic spirit, few drops of water and a little yeast. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and apply them to your hair for about an hour. After that, rinse off the mask and shampoo you hair twice.