Potential Health Risks Associated with Hair Coloring

Dying the hair in many different colors is one of the latest hips vastly followed by people across the globe. Hair dyes are commonly used as a solution to hide up graying, discolored hair or many people also find it an excellent way to alter their whole personality. Available in a range of inviting colors, these dyes have the prepotency to give you a totally different look.

Potential Health Risks Associated with Hair Coloring

But, along with a few pros, many cons are also associated with the use of these synthetic dyes. Although, most hair dye manufacturers claim their products to contain hair-friendly conditioners and polymers, medical professionals warn you that excessive and frequent use of these dyes may lead you towards major health concerns. And, findings of several studies conducted in this regards are quite alarming.


Development of allergic reactions is one of the most common side effects of coloring the hair. Some of the ingredients present in the hair colors such as PDD work as allergy inducing sensitizers. They may cause inflammation, scalp puffiness, itching and in sever cases difficulty in breathing.  At times, they may also bring about high fever, arthritis and leukemia.

In some cases, you may also experience irritation and swelling on the facial skin and in the eye area. So, to avoid these conditions, it is suggested to perform a patch test before using a hair dye.

Hair Breakage:

People using synthetic hair dyes are more likely to face hair breakage issue than those who don’t. Excessive exposure to the chemicals can be extremely harmful for your hair, it tends to leave your hair brittle and fragile that is more prone to falling out. So, if you can’t resist the urge to dye your hair, make sure to deep condition them regularly and treat them with the products devised specifically for dyed hair.

Discolored Skin

In few people, the hair-coloring treatment may also cause development of discolored skin patches around the hairline. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to be very careful when dying the hair around the hair around the hairline.

The other risks associated with hair dying include breast cancer, asthma, leukemia and multiple myeloma. In view of all the potential risks, now you must think twice before setting an appointment with a hair-dresser to get your hair dyed!