Protect Your Hair In Summer

Today we are going to share some simple tips how to look after your hair in the burning heat of summer. You need to make sure you avoid the hottest part of day and try to stay at home while the sun is in the middle of the day and if you really have to go out in that time then make sure that you are using some kind of cloth or some hat to cover your hair and your neck too rap it completely and then leave the house.

Protect Your Hair In Summer

Apply cool hair packs and the best one is Curd one that has cooling effect on the hair and it will moisturize your hair too and will make your hair thicker and healthier, but if you don’t like that one then you can use any hair mask three times a week and make sure you are drinking lots of water and washing your hair every other day.

Use right hair product in the summer that are designed for your hair, it should have SPF and never forget to use conditioners, but make sure you are not using any kind of citric product in your hair during the summer specially lemon-based hair product cause they will not work they way in winter they just make your hair more frizzy and dull and damaged.

Protect Your Hair In Summer-

Drink lots of water, and never ever tie your hair if they are wet and if you have any kind of wet gel in your hair, it will not only make them bad, but it will produce a bad smell in your hair too and will irritate your skin too.

Use sunblock and try to use some hair serums in your hair and when you are going out try to sit in some shade, I know that you missed sunshine, but I bet you can survive with worm wind too, never sleep in sunshine and never sit in sunshine after a bath in sea and if you really have to then cover your hair.