Retro Hairstyles to Try Out

The quote that ‘old is gold’ isn’t wrong. The quote is true for fashion as well; the retro makeup, dress and hair styles were much more popular and prettier than the contemporary ones. That’s why their popularity hasn’t diminished with the time and many of the retro styles are still very popular among the masses. Here in this article you will find a few retro hairstyles that will give you a classic, retro look if done properly.

Victory Rolls

Victory roll was among the most longed for and well liked hairstyle during fourth decade of the twentieth century. The hairstyle looks equally great for short as well as long hair. These Victory Rolls can be made in the middle of the hair but if you want more dramatic look, consider doing the rolls on one side. You can find an infinite variety of retro victory rolls online.

Finger waves

Finger wave hairstyles touched the heights of popularity during 1920s and 1930s. The style is named finger waves because in the first, the hair is pinched between the fingers when it is wet and is combed in alternate directions before setting the style. The style gives the wearer a soft, subtle and more feminine look. Many modern starlets were spotted wearing this vintage hairstyle on the red-carpet.


Bouffant hairstyle was a popular hairstyle during fifth and sixth decades of twentieth century. It’s an ideal hairstyle for those ladies who want creating illusion of thick, voluminous hair.


Another hairstyle that ruled the fashion world in the 1960s is Beehive hairstyle. Getting this style entails lots of teasing and back-combing, plus ample amounts of hairspray and styling product. If you don’t find a sky-high beehive much appealing, you can experiment with a more subtle beehive, instead.

Pixie cuts

At the peak of 1960s stylish, pixie cuts were trendy on account of it-girls as Twiggy and Mia Farrow. This hairstyle comes ‘in’ an ‘out’ of fad quite a lot and it has cemented its place among trendier and hottest hairstyles these days because of a few famous personalities as Emma Watson and Michelle Williams espousing the style.