Revive Dead Hair | After Summer Damage


Revive Dead Hair |  After Summer Damage – A common characteristic of summer revive dead hair is scorching heat. Almost all of us know that sunshine damages membrane but very few of us know that Ultra Violet rays emitted by sun also affects hair. These rays are very potent so they influence your revive dead hair.revive-dead-hair-after-summer-damage-

Sun rays drain vivacious protein used to strengthen hair. It is logical to know about the ways to revive your hair after summer by sing natural products. Sun rays also slurps conditioner and emollients out of it. It is quite natural to look for the ways to revive dead hair your summer damaged hair at the end of season. The best way is to prevent the damage rather than curing it. One easy way to stop and arrest the hair damage is to wear a cap or hat when going out in open. Such a measure will protect both skin and hair.revive-dead-hair-after-summer-damage-

However it’s not always easy to wear a hat so we present here some more measures to protect your hair from damage caused by summer season.

  • Apply some moisturizing agent which contains coconut oil and mango extract to strengthen your tresses with protein.
  • Supply essential vitamins to hair with application of yogurt on head.
  • Use of special vitamins and nutrients like citrus is very essential.
  • With proper care and cure you revive your summer damaged hair very effectively.