Salon Treatment for Dry Hair

Those having dry and frizzy hair know that how difficult it is to tackle the dry hair that some times also brings itching and thus prove very annoying too. That is the reason; the people suffering from dry hair use different chemically produced products and home treatments to help their hairs.

When these methods fail to bring improvement in their hair condition, finally they head to a salon to find treatment for their condition. Salons are skilled at giving out a wide range of specialized treatments, from deep conditioning to corrective treatments, to bring dry hair back to perfect condition.


Only some dry hair treatments are available publicly. Though dry-hair products from J.F. Lazartigue, Kerastase and some other companies are easily available at local drugstores and department stores but people find it much wise to seek advice from professionals.

It is quite difficult for one to put on such treatments to their own hair—experts may be able to do it quicker and more successfully. Moreover, treatments for dry and damaged hair that involve chemicals and electric current, can aggravate the hair condition and have a bad impact on overall health too if not performed by experts.

Deep Conditioning

Deep-conditioning treatments entail usage of hot oils like olive, sunflower or jojoba oil, steam and massages. Experts employ warm steam and scalp massages to prepare the scalp ahead of time, and then put on warmed pure oils to the full scalp and to the hair. Then through the application of heat the oils and conditioners are impelled into the dry hair follicles and the open up scalp pores in a process that takes about one an hour to complete. This way the hair and scalp is deep conditioned.

Hair Tonics

A hair-tonic for dryness denotes any type of aesthetic chemical-based solution that is used to invigorate the scalp or fix a scalp condition such as dryness. These tonics treat both dry scalp as well as dry hair. The professional first steams the scalp and stimulates it in advance to improve circulation, open up pores and thereby, add to absorption of the tonic. Then the tonic warily applied and rubbed into the scalp.

The other salon dry hair treatments include direct current and corrective treatment.