Scarlett Johansson Retro Hairstyles with Accessory

Scarlett Johansson retro style and glamor for yet another television appearance! Bomb! Photographed yesterday afternoon in New York streets, Scarlett Johansson was displayed very sexy to record a new television interview…

Scarlett Johansson Retro Hairstyles with Accessory

With such a hitchkokien look, impossible not to imagine the replica monsters of Hollywood in a very cozy atmosphere of the 50s! Yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, 8 January) Scarlett Johansson is indeed appeared in great beauty to get to the televised recording of David Letterman Show in New York. Outdoor promotional for the release of her new film, her marathon, the American star string of appearances and interview at the speed V. For the occasion, she puts the package!

Scarlett Johansson Retro Hairstyles with Accessory-02

Primed with a blue dress, a beautiful camel coat and floor of a matching pair of shoes, Scarlett is played grande dame upon her arrival on the scene. Willingly posing for photographers present, the pretty blonde has exhibited several minutes before the Ed Sullivan Theater before disappearing into the building alongside her team. What a treat that knows its outputs!

Scarlett Johansson Retro Hairstyles with Accessory-01

Hair Brushes impeccably, porcelain skin and bright red lips asked the actress 29 years had completed her look with a must-have accessory, the pair of solar butterfly XXL. Can not miss it!

Scarlett Johansson Retro Hairstyles with Accessory-03

Scarlett Johansson Retro Hairstyles with Accessory-

Moments later, the young bride is smiling at the displayed output of maintenance. Fully revealed in the light and signs of playful hand face, Scarlett returned to her vehicle under the envious gaze of her many fans. A real tornado full of chic and glamor for a promo operation smoothly well done: we want more!