Secrets to Straighten Frizzy Hair

Secrets to Straighten Frizzy Hair

To combat the frizzy hair efficiently, it is very important to figure out its underlying cause first. When your locks lack the natural moisture, they expand to absorb moisture from the air to satisfy their need and as a result, they become frizzy. So it can be said that frizzy hair are actually thirsty.Secrets to Straighten Frizzy Hair

While straightening frizzy hair it is important to steer clear of the styling tools that can wreak havoc on your hair such as flat irons etc. Most quality flat irons and blowdryers use tourmaline or ceramic heating plates which produce an ionic type of heat which styles your hair without zipping essential moisture from it. So while purchasing a blowdryer or straightening iron for your frizzy hair, always try to find the one that utilizes this kind of ionic technology or your hair will be more prone to heat damage.

After you’ve collected right tools for your frizz-prone hair, it’s time to start straightening.

First of all, blowdry the hair to remove kinks, knots and extra curl. Work a little straightening balm or an anti-frizz cream through your damp hair and then dry and straighten it with your brush.

After the hair is dry, mist a heat protection spray allover your hair. This will reduce the detrimental effects of heat by facilitating the style and preventing excessive loss of moisture, resulting in glossier, healthier hair. It is always better to straighten the hair in small pieces. Start straightening the hair in the nape, using small sections. This will cut down on the length of exposure to the heat and thus will minimize heat damage. Mist your hair tips with a shine spray to make the straightening process even easier.

Continue straightening your frizzy hair with the flat iron until the entire hair has been ironed smooth. Finally, apply a little wax or pomade to the hair to keep your hair straight all day long.