Shirley Yeung Impressive Hairstyle

Shirley Yeung is the best actress, model and singer as well, she is famous for changing her hairstyles.

Shirley Yeung wears the bangs and upper updo

Shirley Yeung was the winner of the 2001 Miss Hong Kong pageant.  She currently holds the record for winning 6 awards in one single competition. Shirley also participated in Miss Chinese International 2002 and was in the top 5.  Besides being a really popular actress in Hong Kong, she is also a singer and a model.

Beautiful singer and actress with the beautiful hairs

Shirely yeoung is famous celebrity and wears the most appropriate and most arrogated hairstyle. The Hairstyle of her looks gorgeous and she wears her hairs in different style as she went to the show or particular occasion. She wears the updo with slight silky hair style with the small ponytail.

Shirley Yeung Impressive Hairstyle

Some time she wears the casual hairs and slightly open her curls and bangs on the shoulder. When she walk her hairs are also walks with her. Her hairs gives the textures and giving imprssive and stunning look to her. she looks generous and beautiful.

Stuuning hairs of Shirley Yeung

Shiley Yeoung looks good on the double side parted hairs and She parted hairs on the slight right side of the head and rest of the hairs are slightly fallen down towards the upper shoulders. She wears the ornaments which look extremely good and these accessories are looking very cool and giving the best image.