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Simple Curling Techniques For Straight Long Hair

Simple Curling Techniques For Straight Long Hair; People especially women always seem unsatisfied with their looks. Speaking of hair, those with curly hair long for more straightened tresses while those having straight hair often found struggling to add curves to their locks. Adding curls to your hair isn’t easy always as often times your hair seems unwilling to cooperate and refuse to get curled, or if they embrace curls, they stay just for two, three hours. The issue, however, can be easily fixed if you learn simple techniques:

Simple Curling Techniques

Simple Curling Techniques For Straight Long Hair

Employing the right styling product is the secret to perfect, long lasting curls. The specialized products for curly hairs such as mousse spray wax and curl-setting sprays also work great for making straight hair hold curls that normally don’t tend to do so. Invest in a quality heat protecting spray to prevent heat emitted from the curling iron spoiling your hair. Spread it over your entire hair before exposing it to the curling tool.

Simple Curling Techniques For Straight Long Hair

Try using thin, round-edged ceramic flat iron to add curves to your hair in place of curling irons. Section out your hair and tease them well to remove any kinks and knots so that the flat iron can slide down your hair easily. If you want to use curling iron, make sure to get a ceramic curler and curl your hair in sections. It is also recommended to use a clamp-less curler since the curling irons with clamps may not produce the longed for results.

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Another tool that helps you get curly hair is hot rollers. Hot rollers come with multiple options, to give different styles like ringlets, loose waves or small curls, etc. Get the rollers keeping in mind the style you want to achieve, and let them sit in your hair for a couple of minutes. Once you’re done, remove the rollers and loosen up the curls. Clip up each curl as you go to make it retain the shape.

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Finally mist a curl holding spray and blow-dry your hair for a few moments to de-frizz the curls and make them last longer.