Straight Your Hair With Olive Oil Benefits

Straight Your Hair Olive Oil Benefits

The straight shiny hair has their own worth in feminine beauty. Due to this reason many methods have been developed to bring about the desired straight hair instantly. As flat iron or chemical straightness, are popular in use but the side effects restricted their frequent use. There is the weakening of hair roots with the use of all these unnatural methods of hair straightening.

Straight Your Hair Olive Oil BenefitsSTRAIGHT YOUR HAIR NATURALLY: We always remain thankful to nature who blessed us the solution of each problem with natural ingredients. The best things used to straight the hair naturally are coconut milk, lemon juice, olive oil, honey and egg. We have some home made recipes from these ingredients to make the hair straight naturally:

MILK AND HONEY: Combine one cup of milk with 1 tabs of honey. Add in to it the chopped soft strawberries. Whisk all these ingredients vigorously to get the homogenous mixture. Spread the paste in your hair generously. Leave it for two hours and then wash the hair with cold water. This takes time to work, so repeat the steps frequently for desired results.

COCONUT AND LEMON JUICE: This recipe is effective not only for straightening the hair but also nourishing the hair and leaving them shiny and lustrous. It also cure problem of dandruff, for this either take the coconut milk or grind the coconut in blender and squeeze the juice of 1 lemon in it. Blend both in bowl with fork and place in refrigerator for few hours. After some time you will notice the formation of creamy layer at the top of the container. Apply this creamy layer in your hair for two hours; wrap the towel at your hair after soaking it in hot water.  Allow the paste to work for some time almost 2 hours, and then rinse your hair with normal water. This will give you straight shiny hair without frizz and control the formation of curls after drying.

HOT OIL TREATMENT: Hot oil treatment of hair always has multi dimensional effects. It will recover many hair problems by its wonderful action. It is the easy way of getting the frizz and curls out. Any oil may be used but the coconut and olive oil are best   for hair texture. Heat the oil at bearable temperature and apply in hair after sectioning them. Wrap your head with hot towel for about 2 hours to get the good results. Now   wash the hair with mild shampoo, in this way you will get conditioned shiny hair.

EGG AND OLIVE OIL: Take 2 eggs and add in it two table spoons of olive oil. Make the paste and apply it in hair. Leave it for 2-3 hours. Then wash the hair by getting the soft shiny hairs.

EXTRA ADVANTAGE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENT: The natural ingredients not only give you the straight hair but also moisturize them and nourish the hair after penetrating in the hair shaft. So we can say that nature has no comparison.

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