Strengthen Your Scalp with Garlic and Honey Treatment

From the initial times, garlic is well-known down to its marvelous health benefits. It helps your body combat against many severe diseases. Apart from its healing effects for body, garlic is equally beneficial for healthy hair and scalp.Strengthen Your Scalp with Garlic and Honey Treatment

It not only prevents the permanent hail loss problem but also makes them healthy and strong, increasing the blood circulation to the scalp. For getting silky and smooth hair as well as reducing the dandruff problem, a “garlic and honey hair mask” is a wonderful treatment. Let’s know how you can treat the scalp with honey and garlic.

Garlic and Honey Treatment for Strong Hair & Scalp

Things Required

  • Garlic cloves
  • Garlic press
  • Half Cup Honey
  • Shampoo
  • Hair conditioner


Step 1: In the initial step of garlic and honey hair treatment, you have to mash the garlic cloves for making the garlic paste. Use a garlic press in this regard.

Step 2: Now place the garlic paste to in a small bowl and add about half cup of honey in it. Stir both constituents properly to get a smooth and fine paste.

Step 3: your garlic and honey hair mask is ready now, apply it on your scalp and hair thoroughly using you fingertips. Rub this mixture slowly on the scalp until your scalp and hair are fully covered. When you will rub the ‘garlic and honey mask’ on the scalp, the blood circulation of the specific area will be automatically increased.

Step 4: Remove the mask from your hair while it is wet, otherwise the removing process will become extremely difficult. Approximately 10 minutes are enough for allowing the mixture stay in hair. Use warm water to rinse the mask off and then wash your hair with regular shampoo.

Step 5: In the final step, apply a good-quality hair conditioner and then rinse with cold water. The conditioner will keep your hair shiny and well-hydrated.