Surprising Hair Tips For Longer Lasting Hair Color

Surprising Hair Tips For Longer Lasting Hair Color

Surprising Hair Tips For Longer Lasting Hair ColorWhether you dye your hair at home or have it done by a pro, you want the color to stay on for long while looking as vibrant as if you’ve just dyed your hair. Here are a few surprising tips to make your hair color long-lasting.

Avoid over washing

Every time you shampoo your hair, the natural oils essential for healthier, softer hair as well as the pigment are scrubbed away. According to a renowned celebrity hairstylist Naz Kupelian, washing hair thrice a week is just enough for keeping it clean and dirt free. And if it’s indispensable to take shower daily, rinse your tresses with cold water and condition the tips thereafter. This will lock the pigment inside your hair and thus will help your hair to retain color for long. Hot water, conversely, will open up the cuticles and release pigments, giving your hair a worn-out look.

Shampoo hair beforehand

Surprising Hair Tips

It’s a common belief that color adhere much better to the dirty hair than the clean one, it is wrong however. Allen Edwards, a celebrity stylist, suggest shampooing hair before dying as the dye can’t seep into the cuticle layer when the follicles are pollutant. Rinsing hair beforehand will open-up the follicle, letting the pigment penetrate into the cuticle layer and last longer.

Get lowlights and highlights

Get lowlights and highlights

Layering color with lowlights and highlights will produce an ocular illusion for the eye and give more profundity and depth to your color. Hence, you wouldn’t have to touchup the roots often.
Moreover, cutting back on the hot-tools and limiting sun exposure can also help make your hair-color long lasting.

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