The Great Hairstyles for Oval Faces

To find a right hairstyle for an oval face, determining your hair texture is the first thing you have to do. If your hair is fine, consult your stylist and ask her to add bulk to your locks. Layers are the best way to add volume to the fine hair.

If you have medium-thick hair, you can try out a bit! Short bobs are suitable for this texture or you can do a flirty razor-cut! Those with pretty thick hair can choose to go with stylish tassels. Be sure to keep the tassel blunt so as to avoid having excess weight at the upper-half of the face.

As mentioned earlier, the great hairstyle option for those having oval-shape face is layers. Layers suit both wavy and straight hairs. For layers, slightly whorl the shorter layers that are close to your jaw-line and let the lengthy layers tumble across the shoulders. This is an ideal style for medium length hair.

Straight hair look is a different hairdo that can effectively bring out your features. It is an ideal hairstyle for those who have lengthy hair. Allow the first layer to touch your shoulders gently. Bangs also look great when implemented on straight hair. Highlighting few strands can add some dimension to the style.

If you have curly hair with medium length, you can style them well to look gorgeous. You can leave the curls loose to look great. Those with curly, medium hair are advised not to add too many layers. Twirl the ends of the hair outward to achieve an exquisite look!