Three Effective Methods Of Permanent Hair Removal

Development of unwanted facial hair is something very annoying and a bit embarrassing too. That’s why those combating the issue, always seek ways to remove these hairs permanently.

Three Effective Methods Of Permanent Hair Removal

There are three most effective methods of permanent hair removal that have share of advantages and disadvantages. Take a look at these methods and their potential effects and side-effects.


It is the most common used method of permanent hair removal wherein the hair follicles are given electric shock with the help of a metallic needle after thoroughly moisturizing the area where the electrolysis is to be done. Following electrolysis treatment, the hair follicles are permanently damaged and hence further hair growth is hindered.

Although the electrolytic method of permanent hair removal isn’t completely painless and is expensive as well as time taking, it’s widely used because of the highly satisfactory results it offers. Dark-skinned people, however, are recommended not to get electrolytic treatment since it may trigger some other skin issues in them.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is another popular method of permanent hair removal that is suitable for all skin types. In this treatment the hair follicles are damaged via the bombardment of the laser beams and resultantly growth of unwanted hair is inhibited.

One is supposed to regularly moisturize their skin after getting laser treatment otherwise they can experience adverse side-effects swelling, blistering etc.

Prescribed Medications

A number of prescribed medications are also there that can help getting rid of those un-appalling facial hair. The most commonly recommended ones are Vaniqa and Aldactone. However, you are supposed to have the prescription from a licensed medical practitioner otherwise you can’t get these tropical ointments.

Prescription medications remove the facial hair without causing any damage to the skin cells. However, one should be very careful about the dosage as using more than the prescribed dosage can lead to the occurrence of breakouts.