Three New Ways to Boost Hair Volume

Three new ways to boost hair volume

Three new ways to boost hair volumeLush, healthy, voluminous hair is always desirable and almost all of us constantly strive to get the volume that our locks are capable of. But, creating volume is not as easy as it sounds. No one can add the volume to our hair like out hairstylist- not even the volumizing products and tools. However, you can make the task easier for you and of course for your stylist as well stylist by following the below given tips;

Blowdry up and away

This is an effectual way to create eccentric volume. Blow-drying your hair up and away from its natural direction can give your hair a significant boost. If you want average volume, use the air concentrator attachment of your hair dryer to roughen up the strands; it will help the hair cuticles to maintain their lift. And to create mega volume, blow-up your hair roots with low heat.


While it may sound weird, but oiling your hair can help you get the desired voluminous hair. What actually happens is that light fruit oils such as tea-tree, coconut or jojoba oil, dissolve any heavier oils present on your scalp and facilitates you to deep cleanse your hair, delivering your hair roots enough shine and lift.

Condition before shampooing

Reversing your shower routine can also assist you to boost your hair volume. A renowned celebrity hair expert Philip B suggests you to condition your hair before shampooing it. This will help keep your strands from looking limp and flat. Conditioner moisturizes and feeds your hair, but is also disreputable for weighing it down. So, putting it first in your shower routine will allow the shampoo to rinse off any leftover product– resulting in cleaner, bouncier hair!