Tips For Hair Falling & Tips For Hair Fall Control Homemade

Tips For Hair Falling & Tips For Hair Fall Control Homemade

Hair fall is a prevalent issue that put a big question mark before women’s desire to have lush, long and voluminous hair. There are many factors that contribute to hair fall such as poor diet, lack of sleep, pollution, genetics, dieting and more. People often restore to several hair fall tips to help the condition, but only some of them really work.

Tips For Hair Falling

Tips For Hair Falling
Tips For Hair Falling

Here are some easy yet efficient tips to prevent and reduce hair fall. All these tips can be tried at home. Give these tips a go and see the improvement they bring in your hair fall condition.

Hot oil therapy

Hot oil therapy is a recognized treatment to bring hair fall to an end. Slightly warm up any natural oil such as coconut, almond or olive oil and massage it gently into your scalp. You will see a huge difference after this treatment. For more effective outcome, wrap a warm towel or shower cap around your head tucking all the strands in the towel and wait for almost one hour. Finally shampoo and condition as usual tips for hair falling.

Natural juices

Application of natural juices over the scalp is another efficient remedy for stopping hair fall. Take garlic, onion or ginger juice and chafe it gently and thoroughly on your scalp. Leave overnight and wash next morning as usual.

Head Massage

Head massage is surely an excellent solution of the hair loss problem. Using your finger tips, massage you scalp gently for a couple of minutes on daily basis. This will improve circulation; improved circulation will keep the hair follicles active, which in turn will reduce hair fall.


Antioxidants can work wonders to stop hair fall. To make it work, brew 2 green tea bags in one cup warm water and apply this slightly warm green tea over your scalp. Let the potion sit in your hair for sixty minutes. Green tea is a natural antioxidant and is a proven remedy for fighting off hair. Moreover, it also boosts hair’s vitality and growth, Tips For Hair Falling.


At times, stress and anxiety set off hair loss problem. So, some calming exercises such as deep meditation, yoga etc can help reducing the hair fall problem by bringing your stress level down.