Tips For Hair Loss To Grow Hair Thicker and Faster

If you Google how to grow hair thicker and faster you will get a long list of the sites that will provide you the remedies to get long and thicker hair, but the issue is who will tell you which will work and which one is totally waste of money and time?

Tips For Hair Loss To Grow Hair Thicker and Faster

Well here are some tips that are my super hero and that make me feel wonderful every time, if I want to grew my hair longer and if I want to make them thicker down the road, I know I have something that I can rely on and I know that these are super tips that will solve my issues within months, the end of the story, you need to find out you super heroes and you need to find out earlier then you actually need it so try these and see if they help you too.

1– you need to put one glass of Aamla or Aamla oil with half kg coconut oil and cook them for a while in silver or silver steel pan for like just 5 minutes and then keep them in a bottle and apply every third night, you need to use therapeutic way of massaging the oil, small but proper pressure and apply every third night and keep it for whole night and then wash the way you wash your hair, if you are using something very strong for hair wash then swipe it with some baby wash.

2-Drink juice of lettuce and spinach regularly, four times a week.

3-make a thick and smooth past of lemon seeds and black pepper and then use it for hair growth, you need to apply three twice a week in your scalp, hair follicles and this will fire up the blood circulation an that will help your hair growth eventually, just be careful this will make your eye burn if it gets in your eyes so, just in case, wash your eyes completely.

4- Make thick and smooth pasta of fenugreek seeds and water and apply on the scalp for just 15 minutes before washing your hair and this will help the health of skin and hair follicles.

5- Let’s make a magical tonic with 1/2 kg coconut oil, 1 piece ginger, 1 piece garlic, and 1 piece jute and put them in a pan and start cooking them till they start changing the color now add a Pinch full of liquorice powder and crushed black pepper and now let it calm down and then store it in a plastic or glass bottle and apply it every another day and if you actually can manage to apply everyday and then wash in the morning then it will show how brilliant your hair can be.