Tips On How To Care For Permed Hair

So, you have recently got an enticing perm and you’re receiving flattering remarks from your pals, colleagues and family members. You definitely want your perms to stay forever and get you compliments forever, right? Well, having long-lasting perms isn’t something impossible but it calls for a tad of effort from your end. Find some helpful ways to pamper your perms below and do include them in your daily hair-care routine.

Tips On How To Care For Permed Hair

Use right products

When it comes to cater for permed hair, it is of utmost importance to use the right products that don’t tend to be too harsh on your chemically treated hair. Pick off mild shampoo and conditioner meant specifically for the permed hair. Also seek professional advice in this regard if necessary.

Protect it

While offering your hair enough protection against sun, wind and rain is always necessary, but its importance multiplies by many folds when you have permed hair. Lots of chemicals are involved in perming process, and in case of unwise sun, rain or wind exposure they can affect your scalp adversely. So, try not to hit outdoors during sun and when it’s windy or rainy or use an umbrella if venturing out is unavoidable.

Put the hairdryer down

Never blow dry your permed hair after washing; let them air dry instead. Blow drying can leave your hair weak and more susceptible to breakage.

Comb wisely

Comb your perms wisely. It is advisable not to use a brush for teasing your permed locks as it can cause breakage. Go for a wide toothed comb instead which mends your tresses without creating knots and tangles.

Style carefully

Although permed-hair itself looks extremely gorgeous, it’s okay if you want to style them. But, you need to extra-cautious while styling them. While wearing clips or other accessories you may loosen the curls and ultimately make them brittle and fragile. So, make sure not to be too aggressive while styling those desirable perms so as to maintain them for long.