Tips on How To Replicate Kim Kardashian’s Loose Wavy Hairstyle

Love her or not, it is an undeniable fact that Kim Kardashian is a celebrated fashion and style icon in Hollywood and besides her mesmerizing facial features, flawless skin, smoldering eyes she manages to grab attention of the onlooker with her trendy hairstyles too.

Tips on How To Replicate Kim Kardashian's Loose Wavy Hairstyle


The 32 years star is blessed with thicker tress and to replicate her hair look you need some extra work. Those having longer, thicker locks are ideal enough for Kim’s hairstyle but the short-haired gals will have to buy hair extensions in order to match her length.

Styling Tips:

Before you begin with styling the ‘do, you’ve got to make sure that your hair is free of any split ends. This will give your hair a healthier look. You may also want to dye your hair in color resembling Kim’s hair color to pull off the look perfectly.

To begin with, wash your hair with oil and silicones free volumizing shampoo and conditioner before you style it the Kardashian way. The oil and silicones free products don’t let you hair weighed down.

Tips on How To Replicate Kim Kardashian's Loose Wavy Hairstyle-

Now work a leave-in moisturizer all through your freshly rinsed and conditioned hair and then blow it dry to add shine, smoothness and bulk. The blow dryer should be adjusted at the medium-heat setting.

It’s the point where you’ve to replicate Kim’s deep waves. It’s great if you’ve natural waves, but if your hair is straight enough then add curls to your tresses with a curling iron. Don’t forget to work a hair-protecting spray allover your hair before exposing it to the curling tool.

Next create a center part and then further divide the hair on both sides of the head in further chunks.

With the help of your curling tool curl each section of your hair off your face and finally run your fingers or brush through the curls to loosen them. This will create the desired wavy effect.

Mist a strong hold spray allover to keep the things in place and you’re done.