Tips To Bleach Your Hair Safely At Home

Bleach Your Hair Safely

Today we are going to share some research with your guys that I did to see if there are some ways that I get my hair bleached without damages so yes there is a way and after that I will add some views that I got from the girls that really did that and what they have to say about that.

Tips To Bleach Your Hair Safely

You need to use coconut oil method and a bleach bath and that will not only protect your hair but it will actually speed up the process too!

Tips To Bleach Your Hair Safely-

No matter which oil do you use, you can use expensive organic kind of coconut oil and you can use the simple super cheap one too and trust me they all work the same and they all work perfectly fine, coconut oil is best you need to fill up your bath tub with hot water and let it sit for 5 minutes, now you just need to apply oil all over your hair and sit in your bath with your hair fully soaked it and then stay there as long as possible and then wait for two hours and you don’t allow to use any total and anything to remove the water.

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Now the best is wear a old cloth that you don’t need to wear again and then wrap your hair in a plastic bag cause we need a soaked and hot hair and apply some oil before you apply that bleach mixture and then just apply the mixture all over your hair and then sit for 10-20 minutes it is up to you and your product and then simply wash it off with running water, don’t use shampoo or anything with that,

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but if you think that you will go blond in one day then you are wrong, you need to reapply the same procedure at least three time after three days and if you feel that your hair are fine then you can use it for one hour too, but never let the bleach in your hair more than one hour.