Tips to Care for Hair Extensions

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Applying human-hair extensions is best technique to add extra length and volume to your hair. It is to remember that they also need the care and maintenance like as natural hair. Here are some easy and simple steps, which will prove helpful in keeping hair extensions healthy-looking for long time.

Tips to Care for Hair Extensions

Brush Gently

Don’t brush your hair extensions roughly as this procedure may damage your hair in very short time. You should purchase a soft-bristled brush for this purpose and always start brushing from the bottom.

Wash and Moisturize

Shampooing and conditioning your extensions is essential to keep them neat and clean. However you should be more careful while picking out shampoo and conditioner, always pick out the hair care products that are specially formulated for dry or damaged hair. Remove the knots and tangles using a soft-bristle brush before washing. While shampooing, softly massage from top to bottom and then rinse appropriately. Now, and apply a good-quality moisturizer to your hair extension and allow them to dry naturally.

Avoid using hair styling tools

For the proper protection of hair extensions, you should avoid using hair styling tools such as blow dryer, hair straightener and curler etc. as they can reduce the life of extensions. If it becomes necessary to use a heated styling tool, don’t forget applying a protectant.

Trim Ends Regularly

To avoid the split ends as well as moved up hair shafts, try to trim the ends after every 5-8 weeks. It’s quite simple process and you can do it at home using salon scissors, otherwise you may go to salon for this purpose.

Avoid Chemical Procedures

Treatments like curling, dyeing, and shading are destructive for human-hair extensions. If you want to try any of them, it would be a best decision getting an advice from your hair stylist.